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My fiancee and I used Chris as a buyers agent for our recent condo purchase in Brookline, Mass. Knowing how competitive and quick the market can get, we wanted someone with local knowledge and an agent we felt would value our business. Chris was all this and more. He relentlessly scoured the MLS listings, used his local knowledge to help us appraise the true value of the wacky Brookline market, and since we were planning to renovate his architectural background was priceless in helping us use appropriate vision for all the properties.

He stayed positive but realistic through our search and even cautioned us when we were close to going above our means on a few properties. We ended up with a perfect property for us.

Chris is a fabulous agent but an even better person. We couldn't imagine having had a better agent on our side.


-Dr. Carly G.

Carly & Chase - Satisfied Buyers